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Canvas is a woven fabric known for its sturdiness and strength, which is why its commonly used in pants and other tough uniforms & workwear. Along with many other fabrics, AL MADNI TEXTILES Manufactures Canvas fabric in Pakistan for customers in USA, Europe, Asia (China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Turkey, etc), and the middle east. The two common varieties of Canvas include Duck and plain canvas.

AL MADNI has the capacity to manufacture many Canvas fabrics, all made on demand and in line with the clients’ requirements. This include medium to heavy weight canvas which can be in printed and dyed forms. We’ve manufactured and exported many variants of canvas like open end, Ring by ring, OE/ring and more.

CVC Camo Duck

Printed Camo Cotton Canvas

Solid Black Cotton Canvas

Solid Creme Cotton Canvas

Solid Grey Cotton Canvas

Solid Neon-Blue Cotton Canvas

Striped Cotton Canvas