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Fleece is a warm, lightweight and soft fabric usually made with synthetic fibres such as polyester. However, cotton fleece is not uncommon. This fabric helps in blocking away the humidity while having anti-perspiration qualities. AL MADNI TEXTILES  is well experienced in manufacturing a variety of fleece fabrics in Pakistan.

The fabric is made on demand keeping in mind the specifications of the client. Fleece has a lot of variations. We’ve Manufactured 2-end fleece, 3-end fleece, sponge fleece, dura fleece and many more. Our fleece can be provided in both dyed and printed forms.

Chambery Maroon Solid Fleece

CVC Fleece Wine Dye

Deep Sea Poly Cotton Fleece

Hot Pink Poly-Camo

Performance Cotton Fleece

Polly Cotton Checkers Fleece

Poly Cotton L.S. Fleece

Poly Dura Fleece Camo

Poly Dura Fleece Snow Camo

Poly Spandex Camo Fleece

Poly Spandex Dura Fleece Camo

Poly Spunch Fleece Camo

Poly-Cotton Camo Fleece

Polyester Fleece Camo

Solid Black Poly-Cotton Fleece

Solid Poly Cotton Fleece

Solid Poly Cotton Fleece

Solid UV Spunch Poly Fleece