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Apparel Manufacturers in Pakistan

We at AL MADNI TEXTILES is all-in-one apparel clothing Manufacturers that constantly deliver products to all our prestigious customers in high quality. Hence, our products are manufactured with export quality. As one of the best apparel manufacturers in Pakistan; we offer top-quality apparels for men’s and women’s in bulk quantity. The products are manufactured with high-tech and latest grade. Per the customer’s specifications, we customized apparel by size, color, and packaging. Our attention to the product is unrivalled. Hence, we hold ourselves to the greatest standards and deliver stuff that customer desire for! Our origin is rooted in the art of excellence; as a clothing manufacturing company, we know that reveling keen attention to each product detail is pivotal and we analyze apparel from every perspective before shipping. Along with the bespoke apparel, we also facilitate our customers with Private Labeling. Many of our customers who started their businesses with us now have evolved into well-known companies that offer high-quality products. We provide bespoke packaging, tags, and labels for well-known companies. Explore our large variety of apparel and pick a suitable style:

Sweat Shirts


Zipper Jackets

Henly Shirts

Hooded Jackets


Rugby’s T-shirt

Capri Pants

Basic Tees

Mock Neck T-shirts

Normal Fabrics we work with are




Loop Terry

French Terry





Interlock Jacquards

Engneering Strips

Flat Black Ribs

All of our apparel comes in various finishes, including brushing, peaching, and silicon wash. Additionally, spandex is also used in the production of these apparel. Our apparel manufacturing company exports men’s tops and women’s and children’s clothing.