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As the name suggests, Poly-cotton fabrics are a blend of polyester and cotton. There are various blends which can be made. This can also include Elastane/spandex, which makes the fabric Tri-blend. It is very popular because it brings out the best qualities of both cotton and polyester. Poly-cotton fabrics are soft, strong, and give durability to the fabric. Below are some of the poly-cotton fabrics which AL-MADNI TEXTILES has done. All fabrics were made on demand in bulk. The fabrics weigh from as low as 75 GSM to 400GSM.

50/50 Poly-Cotton Ottoman

Chambery Maroon Solid Poly Cotton

Deep Sea Poly Cotton Fleece

Polly Cotton Checkers Fleece

Poly Cotton L.S. Fleece

Poly Cotton Snow Camo Jersey

Poly-Cotton Camo Fleece

Solid Black Poly-Cotton Fleece

Solid Poly Cotton Fleece

Solid Poly Cotton Fleece