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Unlike cotton, polyester is a synthetic material which provides exceptional durability, wrinkle resistance and insulation. AL-MADNI TEXTILES, the team is well experienced in developing customized polyester fabric as indicated below. Polyester fabric manufactured at our facility can range from 50 deniers to 600 deniers and weight 75gsm-300gsm. Our digital printing and heat transfer printing provides an exceptional final touch to our polyester based fabrics. Polyester is a versatile fabric and looks great in various constructions. In the past we have manufactured and exported Poly-interlock, poly-stretch, poly-cotton, poly-satin, poly-fleece, polyester jersey, and so many other weaves.
Recycled polyester can also be manufactured and printed.

100% Polyester Digital Aqua Print

Camo Print Polyester Jersey

Camo Print Polyester Pongy

Cool Poly Interlock

Digitally Printed Poly Interlock

Hot Pink Poly-Camo

Performance Cotton Fleece

Poly Dura Fleece Camo

Poly Dura Fleece Snow Camo

Poly Rip-Stop Camo

Poly Spandex Camo Fleece

Poly Spandex Camo Jersey

Poly Spandex Dura Fleece Camo

Poly Spunch Fleece Camo

Poly Spandex Camo Jersey

Poly Spandex Camo Jersey

Poly Spandex Wave Jersey

Poly-Stretch Light Blue Twill

Poly Stretch Satin

Polyester Bubble With Hawaiian Print

Polyester Fleece Camo

Polyester Pongy Camo

Printed Poly Spandex Jersey

Printed Poly Spandex Stripe Jersey

Reversible Poly Interlock Camo

Reversible Poly Spandex Jersey

Reversible Polyester Interlock

Solid UV Spunch Poly Fleece

Striped Poly-Spandex Jersey

Vintage Poly-Viscose Single Jersey