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Spandex is made with a synthetic fibre which is combined together with another fiber like cotton, polyester or nylon in order to make an elastic fabric. Also commonly known as lycra, spandex fabric can be made with a lot of variations. At Baraka Textiles, we manufacture stretch fabric with spandex content ranging from 2% – 10% for cotton spandex. For polyester between 2% – 14% polyester/spandex ratio is maintained. Additionally, a tri-blend fabric containing polyester, cotton and spandex is also very popular because of its supreme functionality. At AL-MADNI TEXTILES, the spandex fabrics are manufactured using the finest yarns and printed with precision.

Spandex fabric is one which has an element of elasticity in them. They can be made with multiple different fabrics such as cotton and polyester. The fabric which is produced can then either be in a dyed form or printed form. The cotton spandex blends dye very evenly and come out great. As for printing, sublimation printing can be done on poly-spandex with very sharp colors. Stretch Fabrics with anti-microbial, DWR finish, UV resistance and other special finishes are also manufactured at AL MADNI TEXTILES. Stretch fabric is commonly known by 3 main names around the world. One being spandex, which means to expand. In Europe this is commonly known as Elastane. Lycra, however is a registered trademark which has become a very popular name brand over the past few decades.

Spandex fabric is used where there is a need for elasticity in the garment or fabric. This means most sports garments, swimwear, athleisure wear contains some amount of lycra. Figure skaters, swimmers and gymnasts mostly wear garments which contain spandex. However, spandex is not just used for sports or fitness apparel but for casual wear as well. This is to make the garment stronger, more durable and comfortable as well. Common apparels made using spandex include Leggings, skinny jeans, shorts, beachwear, underwear, T shirts, & tank tops.

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